The purpose of Backgammon — as with many games — should be to have an ongoing game that is fun for all players. In turkey, there are three variants of backgammon, but only one is played openly — male backgammon. This story is about a change of backgammon rules, which could make the game more interesting for everyone. To have ongoing games, there should be a settlement talk in between, with at least the agenda, where to meet again for the next game, who brings the board, who gets what color, and how to make this more fun.


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As a scrum master currently working from my home, I got bored late one night last April. So I started to play hero wars — an online browser game which I got forwarded to by clicking on a youtube ad.

The ad for the game suggested it would be about solving riddles, but when playing the game for some time I noticed it had only about 10 riddles in there. All of those combined could be solved in about 10 minutes.

Inputs and Outputs

The developers proclaim their game is an MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game). You have a campaign mode and…

Individuals over Interactions over Processes over Tools

Being Scrum Master sometimes gets you dragged into discussions about the Agile Manifesto and Scrum.

A colleague in or outside the Scrum Team might say: “Hey Scrum Master when it’s all about Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools, where does Scrum — being a process (sic) — fit into this?”. The colleague might also say “Hey Scrum Master, you are our Jira administrator — right? Isn’t that a tool?”

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I’d recommend for the Scrum Master to think about what the colleague could want when asking those questions. Some examples:

I heard this three times already: “Scrum is Communism”. Two times from different fellow Software Architects and one time from a fellow Scrum Master (who probably heard it from a Software Architect or Lead Developer).

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This statement is — in my humble opinion — far from the truth. Let’s have a quick look at what Communism is, and then move on:

Communism refers, first, to social-theoretical utopias based on ideas of social equality and freedom of all members of society, on the basis of common property and collective problem solving.

Second, based essentially on the theories of Karl Marx, Friedrich…

In this article, I’ll try to give some insights into the boundaries of collection and sharing data.

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Gather data is the second of the five phases of a typical retrospective as being described by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen in their book Agile Retrospectives. For methods to do this, you could get some insights from Two other boundaries in place in my and many other retrospectives are the Prime directive by Norman L. Kerth as being described in his 2001 book Project Retrospectives: A handbook for team reviews, and the Vegas Rule.

Did you ever wonder why there is so much discussion about those two roles, or “accountabilities” according to the 2020 Scrum Guide? In my opinion, the only two differences are the typical approach on how to change for the better and the name. I can’t compare all employees who are Agile Coaches to all employees who are Scrum Masters. I don’t know their skills, what they did, intended to do, neither their context nor their environment — not even the numbers. Yet what I can do — I can compare those two accountabilities. …

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The 2020 version of the Scrum Guide was published last month. There again have been refinements for the better. Many noticed it being leaner. The 2020 version is 13 pages long as the 2010 version was. The guide itself describes the Scrum framework as defined by the authors. When implementing Scrum in your organization, I’d recommend also having a look at how the Scrum Guide itself evolved over the years.

Scrum itself has been described as a revolutionary approach — in contrast to Kanban which is regarded as being evolutionary. Kanban implementations begin with: “Start where you are and make…

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