Digression: Corona Virus

The Corona Virus certainly is bad — but not all about Corona is bad — otherwise, it would just be called “bad” and contain everything else bad. Would all about Corona be bad — every single human with some good in them would know what to do — I’m sure of that. A species wouldn’t survive for so long, without knowing what to do, should something be really bad.

The Coronavirus is an invisible danger mutating, possibly at some point even being resistant to vaccines finally deployed at this comfortable speed. Mutations of this danger can be built in every small genetic engineering laboratory in the world. Even without buying uranium for this. Now that mankind has empirical data on the first natural spread, some larger genetic engineering laboratories might also think of developing mutations. Only to find out how bad this one could get. Smaller envious countries might think differently. There is no patent on the virus ;) and every modification can’t be patented also. Finally a great filter. All previous dangers couldn’t be made worse by humankind itself, this one can, probably right now is, and maybe will be.

It’s now also nearly one year since Corona blocked the release of the next James Bond movie.

Corona indirectly makes sane people mad or frightened or depressed, when looking at Corona numbers, searching for something invisible.

Fun fact: Should you get mad or frightened or depressed when looking at numbers, keep in mind they are just numbers.

The number of tests is just governments bragging. How many tests would you need to make sure you are not infected some time or don’t infect someone else?
R-value or likewise are just looking at the past.
The number of infected is just growing numbers. Are those healed by now? How are they feeling? We are being handed those with districts or country names attached to them. Can you count to 10.000? 100.000? Quickly — go. Can you imagine how many humans are impacted by this? Do you know, what infection means? Can you count the number of people in your country or determine exactly, where the country borders are to set those in relation? I can’t.
The number of deaths is just growing naturally. Some died by the virus, some otherwise but still having the virus. Does it matter what killed the host ultimately?
Those who were impacted by death at some time know, that this is crazy bad. One death is crazy bad. Can you imagine 10? 100.000? Are those piles of dead? Who wants to imagine that? I don’t, this is a frightening number.
Look at the number of people who have been vaccinated if you want to look at a number at all. At least this number could give some hope, and it also grows.

Corona Virus also prevents or hinders:

  • some large airlines to fly (they’ll be ok),
  • many travels (and you being happy for those which still could)
  • many small and medium shops from opening,
  • many small and medium shops from selling enough to stay open,
  • many cinemas, theatres, operas, clubs, hotels, museums from opening,
  • many kinds of freelancers working and providing for their families,
  • many kinds of employees working and providing for their families,
  • many kinds of employees enjoying their free time
  • many citizens to vote accordingly (Ok, they could vote remotely with a letter, but those are also insecure according to some. Btw. — whoever says, that a central(!) managed digital voting system could be a solution here, should talk to CCC).
  • many people from going to their doctors with smaller sicknesses, being in fear of being infected with a larger one there (but keep in mind: all sicknesses are starting small),
  • many elderly to properly enjoy their pensions,
  • many families reuniting after some arbitrary curfew times,
  • many families visiting their sick (Corona or different) in hospitals,
  • many families visiting their elderly in retirement homes,
  • many elderly to be visited by their families, regardless of what risk the elderly would gladly take for this
  • many families saying goodbye to their loved ones,
  • many children from feeling safe when going near a stranger. For smaller children, everyone except their parents is a stranger,
  • many children learning in schools and meeting with friends,
  • many children being loved all the time they have with their home-office parents. Children are disturbed by that and children shouldn’t be a disturbance to their parents,
  • many individuals developing new children

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